CONSTRUCTION WORLD 23rd Anniversary Issue



The CONSTRUCTION WORLD Annual edition enjoys the unique position of containing one-of-a-kind listings and rankings of the construction, building material and equipment companies in India! And, with a shelf life of a year, the issue is a great opportunity for corporate captains and industry leaders to share their vision for the oncoming months.

The annual issue theme for 2019 – the 23rd anniversary edition – is Growth 2.0: Given the tightness of the market conditions, policy changes and tough decisions are expected to be seen in the next five years. And, “Growth 2.0” will be the actionable areas of growth that your company will chart out for the current fiscal and which will go on to impact the company’s growth in the coming years. This year, the issue will capture various companies’ action plans for growth.

Additionally, the blockbuster issue will profile the CONSTRUCTION WORLD MAN OF THE YEAR along with a listing of India’s Fastest Growing Companies in Construction; Construction Equipment; Cement; Paint; Steel; and Tile, Ceramic & Sanitaryware. This along with a list of emerging companies; top Global Contractors; sectoral analysis by experts, and much more will be featured in the CONSTRUCTION WORLD 23rd Anniversary Issue.

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