Here are five ways SDLG motor graders can smooth the way for the Belt and Road Initiative!

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Here are five ways SDLG motor graders can smooth the way for the Belt and Road Initiative!

Here are five ways SDLG motor graders can smooth the way for the Belt and Road Initiative!

16 Nov 2018
Extensive transport infrastructure is being built under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), with one Chinese firm alone responsible for 10,320 km of new roads. With many more road projects in the pipeline, we present five benefits that SDLG motor graders can bring to these jobs.

1. Lubrication- and maintenance-free 
Both the SDLG G9138 and G9190 motor graders – the two models available in APAC – have swing frames whose composite bearings are lubrication- and maintenance-free. This offers greater durability and ease of operations over the machine’s lifetime. 

2. Range of options for different project needs 
SDLG offers a variety of motor graders for different project needs. In increasing order of size, the models available are the G9138 (in APAC), G9190 (APAC and EMEA) and G9220 (EMEA). The choice of the G9138, with its 8120 mm (length) by 2070 mm (width – front tire center lines) by 3200 mm (height) dimensions, for APAC caters to demand for smaller, more cost-effective options in developing markets where there is greater rural and municipal road construction activity. As large as the BRI is in terms of scale, smaller machines such as the G9138 are just as necessary as larger ones like the G9190 and G9220 when connecting developing regions to more developed ones. 

3. Comfortable and safe cabs 
The G9190 and G9220 both feature cabs that are air-conditioned. Offering a comfortable environment for operators to work in helps boost productivity, especially since they often chalk up long hours and are under high stress to meet the deadlines of Belt and Road Initiative projects. Both graders also have Falling Object Protective Structures (FOPS) and Rollover Protective Structures (ROPS) which protect the operator. Cabin design is not only critical to the comfort and safety of the operator but also the quality of the surface that is graded. By offering excellent field of vision, SDLG grader cabins allow the operator to optimally judge the finish of the surface. 

4. Precise grading 
Both the G9138 and G9190 graders have fully-digital instrument panels with three-stage alarm electronic monitoring to ensure precise operator control. This facilitates the operator’s control of the machine and contributes to precise grading. Complementing the fully-digital instrument panel in delivering precise grading are the G9138’s swing frame and the G9190’s hydraulically-controlled moveable blade. The G9138’s articulating swing frame allows the blade to generate more power and carry a heavier windrow. It also allows the grader to make turns at more acute angles for close-quarter work or smaller roads. 

5. Reliability in a cost-effective package 
Last but not least, SDLG motor graders, like the company’s other product lines, are reliable yet cost-effective. SDLG machines are simple to use, therefore minimising the amount of training required and expediting deployment, saving the contractor valuable time and money. 

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