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NHPC floats tenders for 2 GW grid-connected solar projects anywhere in India

September 2019
An invitation for bids has been extended by the National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC) for setting up a cumulative 2 GW capacity of grid-connected solar projects across the country. The solar developers are required to select and acquire necessary land for the projects. In turn, the power produced by the projects will be bought by the state-owned hydropower generator and will be sold to the state utilities or other sources that would require the same.

As reported, with a tariff ceiling fixed at Rs 2.95 per kWh, NHPC will enter into a power purchase agreement (PPA) with the winning bidders for a duration of 25 years.

According to the technical requirements, since the project has been issued under the open category the successful bidders could use PV modules and cells of any origin.

With the bar being set at 50 MW for minimum project size that will be awarded under the tender, the last date for bid submission is September 25, 2019. 

Crystalline silicon, thin film or concentrator PV – with or without trackers, can be installed since the project selection will be technology agnostic.
In regards to the project capacity offered, bidders will be able to quote a single tariff for the whole of it. This will be applicable for the entire PPA duration.