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Research shows an increase in investment in Indian real estate market since 2008

August 2019
Based on Colliers International India’s (CII) new study, compared to 2008, the total inflow of capital directed towards Indian Real Estate has exceeded by $53 billion. Out of the total sum, about 59 per cent of the total inflows is recorded as being a result of investments in the span of 2014-Q1 2019.

The report highlights crucial points pertaining to the real estate sector in terms of current trends, challenges and includes a segment that details the conversion of possible threats into opportunities. 

Along with major outlines about the market, the research also strives to make certain notable recommendations to insure a steady influx of profitable ventures that contribute to the overall economic growth of the country. It spells out the need to adopt multiple reforms such as making policies easily accessible to the public and states that, project sanctions that rely on single-window clearances must accommodate regulations as well. 

Disclosure and reporting norms are key to increase investment in the sector and has therefore played an important part in adding to the surplus experienced in the 10 year period as stated by CII. 

The commercial office sector has also sky-rocketed owing to the sustainable macro-environment and initiatives that are FDI friendly. Commercial demand is anticipated to remain healthy, owing to the high pre-leasing activity demonstrated by current occupants. 2018 proved to be the best year with a gross leasing activity of 50 million sq ft. 

Reportedly, innovation through technology will be a major focus in the coming years and office spaces are likely to be increasingly used for global in-house centres.

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