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1.Can the new government revive project momentum?

As the new government assumes power, there is quite an agenda it requires to address to put the economy on track.

2.Celebrating India's Architects

Celebrated on the first Monday of every October, World Architecture Day was set up by the Union International des Architects (UIA) back in 2005 to 'remind the world of its collective responsibility for the future of the human habitat'.

3.43 Winners from 56 Cities - Here's more on the 13th CONSTRUCTION WORLD Architect and Builder Awards!

All that glitters is gold - and red and black! With these resplendent colours, the stage was set for the 13th CONSTRUCTION WORLD Architect and Builder (CWAB) Awards, held at Hotel Four Seasons in Mumbai on September 11.

4.Why Public Works needs to work for private!

Have you noticed that the size of project execution has grown manifold? New projects worth Rs 1.95 trillion were announced in the January to March quarter, up from Rs 1.20 trillion in the previous quarter. The capacity of companies in delivering larger projects has expanded.

5.Noteworthy Projects

The CWAB awards unveiled a new category last year to award excellence: NOTEWORTHY PROJECTS. Going by this year's theme - GLOCAL: Thinking Global, Acting Local - the aim was to recognise and award landmark and unique projects from across the country.

6.Meet India's Top Architects and Builders at the 12th CWAB Awards 2017

These words perfectly defined the 12th CONSTRUCTION WORLD Architect and Builder (CWAB) Awards, set across a purple backdrop at Hotel Four Seasons in Mumbai on August 23. The winners' Wall of Fame with the winners' autographs only added to the glamour.

7.Sustainability Awards

The target: To reach a green footprint of 1,000 crore sq ft in India and become the world's No. 1 by 2022. And according to scorecard of the Indian Green Building Council, we have achieved 4.63 billion sq ft to date.

8.It is about trying to build for the long term for the future

I really had a passion for urban planning and I wish I had the skills to go into architecture. My first job out of university was with the New York City Bureau of Bridges. At that time, infrastructure was not sexy v it was quite the opposite.

9.The world of construction is coming to India

The news on the Indian economy has gotten better. As it inched past France to become the sixth largest economy in the world with a GDP of $2.59 trillion, the country's growth numbers for fiscal 2018 seem to be within reach at 7.3 per cent, and then onwards to a tough 7.6 per cent in fiscal 2019.

10.CWAB 2.0 | 11th Architect And Builder Awards

CWAB 2.0 (denoting the second decade) is here and how! The grand evening once again recognised and awarded India┬┤s Top Architects and Builders, along with the introduction of a new category - Noteworthy Projects.