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Retrofitting existing buildings for safety

June 2019
Real estate, residential or commercial, often tends to be an important asset when it comes to investing. However, no property is inherently protected against the elements or other aspects of nature, which makes it imperative to maintain the building after construction.

“We ensure retrofitting is done at our existing commercial properties like Mindspace and Commerzone,” says Shabbir Kanchwala, Senior Vice President, K Raheja Corp. “These include upgrade of the complex and beautification of the landscape, greener campus and more environment-friendliness.” Once the MEP equipment’s shelf life comes towards its end, K Raheja Corp retrofits it with new efficient MEP equipment to enhance energy-efficiency and comfort for users.

“Structural retrofit has not yet been done as our buildings are intact,” he adds. “We have made our properties resistant to earthquakes with seismic retrofitting.”