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Bringing Steel Closer

June 2011

Riding on the success and reputation of JSL Stainless Steel Ltd, JSL Architecture Ltd (arc) aims to make stainless steel a part of everyday life with its extensive solutions for industrial, commercial and residential applications.

JSL Stainless Steel Ltd is accustomed to being called a leader, and the name is synonymous with enterprise, excellence and success. JSL Stainless Steel Ltd is the flagship company of the OP Jindal conglomerate. With ISO:9002 and ISO:14001 certifications, the company is India's largest integrated stainless steel producer of international standard flat products in austenitic, ferritic and martensitic grades, with strong export markets in over 40 countries including the US, Europe, Middle East and South Asian regions.

Following in the Footsteps

JSL Stainless Steel Ltd's architectural division, JSL Architecture Limited (arc) has taken the initiative to promote stainless steel products and technology solutions to cater to the emerging market of stainless steel for architecture, building and construction (ABC) in India. arc - the brand of JSL Architecture Ltd - essentially epitomises the versatility and innovative possibilities that only stainless steel could justify.

JSL Architecture offers state-of-the-art architectural and design solutions in stainless steel. Deriving an unparalleled edge over existing industry players, arc raises the bar equipped with JSL Stainless Steel's strong, fully-integrated value chain of raw materials to end user solutions to match! With inherent ethos and leadership responsibility, JSL Architecture is an initiative to establish and address practical issues of design and fabrication in stainless steel products and architectural solutions, seamlessly partnered with latest technology and new age designs.

Under one Umbrella

The arc umbrella covers the end-to-end expertise spectrum of JSL Architecture. It embraces the full cycle of concept germination to actual translation of onsite installation; each stage is minutely executed and supervised by an indigenous talent pool of designers, architects and engineers, ensuring optimal customer satisfaction and real-time delivery of projects at par with international quality standards. Fusing experience and the fresh energy of ideas and ingenious minds, the arc team envisages innovative ideas and puts them into action.

Products and Services

Globally, stainless steel has acquired manifold applications owing to its inherent properties of hi-lustre material finish, timeless appeal with unparalleled durability, other metals, 100 per cent sanitation and even best, absolutely low maintenance. This has been evident through the increased usage of this metal in new generation buildings and constructions. arc aims to provide end to end premium solutions across design, fabrication and installation in stainless steel for the ABC segment. At arc, innovative products with value-added applications for household, corporate, industrial and hospitality segments are constantly being evolved.

JSL Architecture's manufacturing facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art fabrication equipment and the latest international CNC machines. Arc's manufacturing facility hosts R&D, materials and procurement, production planning and control, machining (welding, cutting, bending, etc), assembly and fitting, packaging, warehousing, quality control, accounts and human resources. Real-time delivery and seamless execution of project(s) form the core of arc's business values and work systems.
Some projects that showcase arc's expertise are DTC Bus Shelters (New Delhi); DLF Aralias; Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad International Airports; Ambience Mall, among many others. The range of arc products include stainless steel modular kitchens, home and office furniture, stainless steel gates, railings, barricades, claddings and several other products that cater to the infrastructure segment.

Arc also acts as the designing hub for architects and artists and creative people. This centre helps them in bringing their concept into pure physical form. The company not only assists them in design and engineering, but also interprets these products through the eyes of the artist and manufactures them into the creative range of products. Some of these products include household furniture as well as huge sculptures designed by renowned artists like Malcolm Robertson, Seema Kohli, etc.

(Communication by the management of the company)

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