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For Maximum Returns

December 2011
Investment in Hit-Office generates immediate returns and helps achieve profit and business goals.

EDSS, in a very short duration, has proven to be a complete solution provider for the construction industry. The company's product, Hit-Office-Construction ERP has been widely accepted by small, medium and big builders; contractors; architects; and construction consultants for their daily operations.

Modular measures

The software offers an integrated modular structure with a comprehensive quotation module, project management module, inventory management module, sales/marketing management module, equipment management module, staff management module, etc. These provide the end user with an opportunity to enhance his performance. The quotation module enables faster estimation of the project, guiding the user to generate more profits. The project management module enables planning and scheduling of the project with easy billing, sub-contractor management and execution. The inventory management module forms the core of the project, while the builder/sales module enables the sales team to handle its tasks quickly and efficiently. It allows the user to generate the results in a single click, so as to serve their clients on a priority basis.

Speedy implementation

The system can be implemented in any condition. Its agile methodology reduces the timescale of projects and the process maps user requirements faster making them easy to visualise the final outcome.

Sharper reference

Hit-Office allows tight and efficient control over a project. Investing in Hit-Office generates immediate returns and paves the way to achieve profit and business goals. It gives clients a sharper reference to activities to make better, lower risk decisions across projects.

Mrinalini Kulkarni and Ganesh Chafekar, Directors, EDSS believe that "Hit-office ERP is not a static solution for a project in time but rather an integral part of the evolving business strategy."

(Communication by the management of the company)
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