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Leak-proof Roof System

January 2016
Tata BlueScope Building Solutions successfully completed the contract for design, manufacture, supply and erection for Nivea India in the desired time-frame.
Nivea India wanted to set up its first manufacturing plant in India for a range of creams and lotions at Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation at Sanand. A case study was conducted on Leak-proof Roof System which enables Nivea to meet their productivity goals. Nivea India awarded the contract for design, manufacture, supply and erection of the 10,397 sq m industrial buildings to Tata BlueScope Building Solutions with performance based bonus. The project was scheduled in the monsoon season and required to be completed in mutually agreed time-frame.

Key project requirements

  • 10 years leak-proof warranty.
  • 48.0 clear span to facilitate process requirements.
  • On-time project completion without compromising quality, safety and leak-proof performance.


  • Roof System: To ensure a long-term leak-proof roof performance with 80 openings in the roof for fixing of turbo vents and with skylights in 4 per cent of the total area.
  • To complete the project in mutually agreed schedule during the monsoon season.

Solution Offered

  • Leak-proof Roof System: Considering all the project requirements stated above, TataBluescope proposed a BUTLER® Building System with MR-24® Roof system, which is the best leak- proof solution available for critical industrial applications. Its Building Solutions team made customers aware about the advantages of the exceptional features of MR-24® Roof System.
  • Side Laps: Involves 360¦ double lock seaming of side lap. 180¦ is seamed at site by Roof Runner® to achieve a greater leak-proof assurance; pre-punched purlins for fixing of roof clips helps in better alignment of side laps, faster installation and superior aesthetics.
  • Roof Clip: 32.5 mm clip movement in both directions abolishes roof expansion joint till 250 ft of panel length; centering arrangement in Roof Clip ensures thermal movement in both directions; triangular bar with thin cadmium coating in clip assembly helps in reducing friction and provides greater sensitivity to thermal movement.
  • End Lap Design: Pre-punched panels ensures tighter and neater end laps; splice position exactly above purlin ensures that the joint does not weaken due to foot traffic; only two MR-24® panels are joined at end laps and staggered end lap splices helps in reducing chances of leakages.
  • Roof Curbs: Internal flange design of curb conceals fasteners with curb that helps in eliminating the possibility of leaks; diverter flashings at roof curbs prevents ponding on the high side of the roof curbs; curbs are secured to roof sheet and not to purlins, this ensures uninhibited thermal movement of entire roof system.
  • Valley Gutter and Header Pipe System: Stainless steel valley gutter and fully engineered MS header down take pipe system ensures effective drainage of rain water from the roof.
  • Quality Assurance at Site: Hundred per cent supervision by a dedicated MR-24® roofing team ensured consistency in the quality of workmanship at site.


  • The Nivea project was classified as a White glove project, a well-established Tata BlueScope Building.
  • Solutions process which involves double checking methodology to eliminate errors at any stage.
  • The White Glove Methodology ensured delivery in full and on-time without any errors at any stage. The entire project was completed without any site claims or urgent material request.
  • At an early stage of the project, the team requested the customer to provide PCC floor and 4,000 sq m of elevated laydown area with compacted soil to facilitate safe equipment movement. This helped the TataBluescope team work continuously even in monsoon.

Project Milestones and Performance

  • Roof sheeting was completed in 125 days from start date of the project.
  • No leakages were observed in the MR-24® roof system.


  • MR-24® Roof installed at site has no leakages.
  • The elaborate product design and the impeccable installation of the MR-24® Roof System has resulted in a leak-proof building.
  • The safe and on-time completion of engineered steel buildings in the first phase of the project has helped Nivea to start this factory extremely quickly. The project was handed over on-time and with no compromise on the quality and service.
  • The management of Nivea India has announced to pay Tata Bluescope the bonus of Rs 10 lakh for superior performance in completing the project on-time and meeting the commitments given to them.

(Communication by the management of the company)