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Logistic Revolution

Logistic Revolution

01 Oct 2011
The state-of-the-art warehouses being built by Arshiya International and Tata BlueScope Steel will leverage the nation's vast domestic market and purchasing power parity.

Arshiya International, an Indian integrated supply chain and logistics infrastructure soluti-ons company and Tata BlueScope Steel will jointly build the first-of-its-kind, state-of-the-art warehouses at India's first Free Trade and Warehousing Zone (FTWZ) developed and operated by Arshiya International in Panvel near Mumbai.

Superior performance
For this massive project covering a total plan area of 5.45 lakh sq ft, Tata BlueScope Building Solutions has des-igned, manufactured, supplied and ere-cted five Butlertm buildings. These high quality building systems have been supplied with state-of-the-art

MR-24® roof system, which is warranted for ten years leak-proof performance. The buildings have a bold architectural form exclusively designed for Arshiya International and offer superior functio-nalities that include higher column-free space, two additional levels of mezzanine floors for perishable and high value goods storage, better ergonomic design, etc.

Impetus to growth
This FTWZ will give India the much needed impetus to drive its economic growth to the next level, while truly leveraging the nation’s vast domestic market and purchasing power parity. Over the last few decades, India has been losing investments to neighbouring economies, which were being used by global corporations as bases for feeding India, because of unavailability of similar infrastructure in India. With this FTWZs, our country will be able to leverage ‘soft infrastructure’ such as skilled manpower, cost competitiveness, regulatory framework, IT connectivity as well as ‘hard infrastructure’ such as dedicated state-of-the-art mega logistics parks, rail connectivity and world class supply chain management services. In all, Arshiya will develop five FTWZs across India's strategic locations including Mumbai, Delhi, Nagpur, Chennai and Haldia.  

Ajay S Mittal, Group Chairman & Managing Director, Arshiya International, says, “Warehouses in India have long been considered as one of the least important aspects of the entire supply chain. Warehousing being at the lowest rung in the chain never saw quality investments and, companies never cared to look at warehouses beyond storage and think of the value they bring in maintaining product sanctity, reducing cost and improving overall efficiency. With India's emergence as the second fastest developing economy, and to leverage the opp-ortunity we believe that there can be no better partner than Tata BlueScope Steel Ltd to help build these pioneering logistics infrastructure.”

Harish Pathak, Managing Director, Tata BlueScope Steel Ltd, comments “The Building Solutions division of Tata BlueScope Steel is committed towards the overall growth of the metal buildings industry in India. We always take pride in staying ahead in quality and leveraging the global expertise of our brands in order to cater to the uni-que challenges of the metal buildings sector.”

Rajiv Upadhyay, Vice President, Building Solutions Business, Tata BlueScope Steel Ltd says, “We have installed premium BUTLERTM Building Systems with state-of-the-art MR-24® double locking roofing systems at Arshiya International’s Free Trade and Warehousing Zone in Panvel. These building systems are not only stru-cturally strong and stable but also have a distinct architectural appeal that can be considered as a signature design for Arshiya International’s FTWZ. The project is a testimony for our on-time delivery and cost-effective solution for warehousing sector.” He further added, “Tata BlueScope Building Solutions is excited about the prosp-ects of this partnership and is happy for erecting a world-class logistics infrastructure project for one of the visionary companies in India.”
(Communication by the management of the company)
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