Maini Buggy - Leader in in-campus electric mobility solutions

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Maini Buggy - Leader in in-campus electric mobility solutions
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Maini Buggy - Leader in in-campus electric mobility solutions

01 Sep 2016
- Rahul Sagar, Assistant General Manager-Marketing, Maini Material Movement

Maini Materials Movement (a Maini Group Company) is a premium brand in material-movement and in-campus electric mobility solutions. Maini Group entered its fourth decade of delivering solutions in 2013. From its modest beginning of manufacturing precision components and assemblies for the automotive, hydraulic, material handling and engineering industry, the group has now grown to become a five company entity. The group is widely known for its innovative and revolutionary electric car ´REVA´ and eco-friendly material handling solutions. Maini Buggy, a part of Maini Materials Movement, has been a leading brand in the eco-friendly people movement space for more than a decade. Rahul Sagar, Assistant General Manager-Marketing, Maini Material Movement, shares more on the product range, its offerings and the company´s growth plans.

Tell us about the company´s product range and its advantages.
Maini Buggy caters exceptionally well to the exacting standards of the industry, calling for an efficient mode of transportation in hospitality, travel, amusement parks, airports, zoos, religious campuses and many more places. Maini Buggy offers models with special storage systems and facilities such as carriage boxes, multi-level shelves and temperature-controlled cabinets customised for specific needs.

We offer solutions for the following:
1. Transportation - for guests and luggage 

  • Collapsible fold over seats for flexible transport
  • Options from two to 14 seater
  • Front-office guest transfers
  • Ample room for guest luggage

2. F&B - for room service and outdoor catering

  • Designed in compliance with industry standards for carrying food items
  • Warming cabinets with thermostat controls
  • Stainless steel cladding
  • Well insulated cold cabinet with shelves.

3. Utility - for housekeeping, disposal, maintenance and cargo

  • Specially-designed clothes hanger.
  • Dirty linen cabinet with open top for easy access.
  • Converted HDPE garbage disposer
  • Tilting facility for easy access and off-loading
  • Specially-designed for on-campus maintenance.
  • Provision for carrying tools, spares, portable ladders and other maintenance equipment.

Maini Buggy also comes with an option of a music system, beacon, bumper, rain canopy, wiper and 2,000 body colour to choose from.

What technology are you using to ease the processes?
Maini Materials Movement is the only OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in India manufacturing Buggies in its state-of-the-art facility at Bengaluru. Maini Buggy is powered with AC technology, a next generation drive, and has proven advantages over the conventional powering methods. The zero-emission drive makes its completely eco-friendly, and thoughtful ergonomics ensure that it is the most comfortable to drive. Maini Buggy comes with low maintenance and longer operating time.

What are your growth plans and how are you trying to achieve the same?
Maini Buggy has proved itself in the hospitality industry, where we have a long list of satisfied customers. The other sector that we are going strong is airports. We have been supplying Buggies for people movement as well as customised applications at various airports in the country. Maini Buggies can be seen delighting people at the Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore international airports. With the recent launch of Maini 15T and 25T electric tug for airport applications, Maini is set to create a mark in the growing aviation sector.

(Communication by the management of the company)

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