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Mono-strand Unbonded Post-Tensioning

December 2014
Specialising in pre-stressed technology, Post Tension Services India (PTSI) provides cutting-edge engineering solutions that improves the performance of a concrete structure.

The company provides best-in-class integrated solutions for mono-strand unbonded post-tensioning (P-T) designing, supply of mono-strand unbonded P-T system and post-sales services. It enhances the customer´s perception towards building with optimum space utilisation and helps architects and structural engineers widen their horizon to create visionary structures.

Practical advantage
PTSI´s post-tensioned structure´s design has a tremendous amount of flexibility in placing of the pre-stressing steel to resist anticipated loads and deflection.

The depth within a structural member can be minimised to provide compression while horizontal alignment of tendons can also be adjusted to circumvent openings of plumbing and HVAC ducts. These advantages make post-tensioning a cost-effective structural alternative - both in terms of initial construction cost and lifecycle costs. With spiraling material costs, the desire to construct quickly, and the growing concern over energy usage and the environment, post-tensioning is receiving renewed attention from developers, architects and designers. The imagination of architects, creativity of structural consultants and requirement of developers can be enhanced efficiently by using this system.

Benefits of unbonded P-T system

  • Significant reduction of material consumption.
  • Reduced depths: Meets floor-to-floor head room requirements or lesser height of building achieved to comply by-laws and reduce seismic effects.
  • Aesthetically pleasing cast-in-place slender elements.
  • Unobstructed clear inside spaces.
  • Significantly reduces overall deflection.
  • Better crack control: enhances its durability.
  • Early removal of shuttering: faster floor construction cycles.

System application
Multi-level parking structures, malls, commercial buildings, institutional as well as public buildings like banquet and auditoriums, multiplexes, etc, are the areas where this system has been used efficiently and effectively.

The company also offers flat-plate slab system in high-rise residential buildings, which offers freedom to plan for interiors as per one's requirements.

The company at present is working with leading developers, structural consultants and architects in Mumbai, Jaipur, Surat, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Raipur, Pune and Indore as well as many other locations the country. It has provided unbonded P-T system in over 650 diverse buildings across various industries, installed over 8,000 mt of P-T cables in approximately 21 million sq ft in 40 cities across Western India over a period of seven years. Out of this, the most acclaimed project is ´The Satsang Hall´ for GovindDevji Temple in Jaipur, which was awarded by the Guinness World Records in 2009 as the 'World´s Largest Reinforced Cement Concrete Flat Roof with a Single Span' of 119 ft.

Towards an improved life
The massive urbanisation in India alongwith the development of smart cities and smaller projects, especially in urban areas, unbonded P-T system will surely contribute towards the need to find a smarter way to manage complexities, reduce expenses, increase efficiency and improve the quality of life.

(Communication by the management of the company)