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Rolling in excellence

December 2014
Offering innovative and creative engineering technology, the new rolling shutters by Gandhi Automation are designed for both external and internal applications.

A company complementing reliability with energy efficiency, Gandhi Automations is the only manufacturer of rolling shutters certified to ISO 9001- 2008 quality management system in India. The company, in collaboration with a German company, has years of meticulously working on the design, fabrication and installation, developed technical expertise in manufacturing various kinds of automated rolling shutters.

Elegant and durable
The research and development team of the company, with its extensive know-how and experience, produces customised rolling shutters for each site and client. Consistent quality is the hallmark of the company´s manufacturing process right through installation to after sales service. Ideal for situations where side room is at a premium and security is required, these rolling shutters require very little headroom above the structural opening. Also, they are designed for both external and internal applications.

Aesthetically designed
Gandhi rolling shutters are fabricated with interlocking galvanised insulated and non insulated, stainless steel, patented aluminum or polycarbonate slats and patented MS rolling grills. Each of these rolling shutters is designed to the clients' specifications conforming to IS 6248 and solidly constructed to promote trouble-free operation and long life. They fit openings to a maximum width of 30,000 mm and height of 40,000 mm.

(Communication by the management of the company)