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We have close to 250 plus installations in India.

October 2014
- Ajit Kumar, Marketing Manager, Atlas Copco Ltd

Atlas Copco light towers are designed to provide best economy and are used as utility vehicles. Ajit Kumar, Marketing Manager, Atlas Copco Ltd shares details on the Atlas Copco lighting tower used on various construction sites with CW.

What are the salient features of Atlas Copco´s lighting towers?
Atlas Copco light towers are the lightest in the market and are meant for easy maneuverability on-site. Used as utility vehicles, these towers apart from lighting, can also be used during day time for various electrical applications on-site.

How does the use of these prove beneficial for airport construction?
Airport construction involves a lot of critical work, especially if the project is a greenfield project. Some of these include structural work, welding, bolting, riveting, run-way works, etc, that require precision. Moreover, airport projects are time-bound and contractors work in double shifts to complete the work on time. This is where Atlas Copco´s Light Towers can be used as an application.

Which are the new projects in which these towers are being utilised?
We have close to 250 plus installations in India. Out of these, maximum are utilised in road projects and general constructions sites, with similar applications like in airports. Many of our light towers can be seen on the Mumbai-Pune expressway. Moreover, our company is well updated about the ongoing and forthcoming projects. Our quality sales team is focused and works towards increasing market share.

On an average, how much towers would be required in the construction of one airport project and how affordable is it in terms of cost?
When it comes to criticality, quality and speed of work, the cost part does not hold importance. However a customer, always prefers a product that provides value for money. Number of light towers required for a site depend on many factors-nature of work, prerequisites of the work in terms of lighting requirements, area of work and criticality of the job, etc. Prior to suggesting the number of light towers required for the job, our qualified engineers do a thorough analysis of the site and try to provide the best product as per the client´s requirement. We have always made an effort to supply the right number of light towers with optimal lighting, thus achieving the economy of operation.

What is the amount of light generated? How much power can be saved with the use of lighting towers?
Atlas Copco light towers can cover an area of 7,620 sq m with an illumination of 2 ft candles. The towers are mainly used at places where there is maximum movement. To meet all these conditions, the product should be sturdy, reliable and easily maneuverable.

With AAI announcing 50 low cost airports, and new airport development opportunities in airports being privatised and greenfield airports, how do you view this as an opportunity for your business?
Yes, it is indeed an opportunity not only for our light tower business but for all the products we have under the canopy of construction technique as a division. We have a huge variety of products for the customer´s construction needs.

How do you view Atlas Copco´s business growth in the coming fiscals with these opportunities?
The future for the construction segment certainly looks bright. With our young and vibrant sales team as well as our dedicated 24 x 7 service support, we will ensure that we achieve this goal.

(Communication by the management of the company)