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We look forward to providing various power sector services under one umbrella

March 2010

- JK Sardana, Managing Director, UB Engineering

Having a rich experience of three decades in the construction industry, JK Sardana, Managing Director, UB Engineering, has enabled the company to achieve an exponential growth in the last two years. Under his leadership, the company has won much recognition from the construction industry. In recognition of his successful efforts to turn around the company, Sardana was recently elevated from Executive director to the current position. He reveals his strategy and future plans…

What strategy are you planning to adopt for further progress of the company?
UB Engineering is now focusing mainly on EPC projects with more value addition along with diversification in non-conventional energy sector, fabrication shop, cross country pipelines, etc. However, the maximum contributing revenues shall remain from the power sector.

Which are the recent big ticket projects bagged by you?
Recently, UB Engineering bagged three major orders worth Rs 220 crore including 660 MW Super Critical Boiler & Turbine BOP Erection from Adani Power, 4x135 MW BTG & BOP Erection from Hyderabad-based KSK Energy and 220 KV sub-station work on EPC basis from PTCUL, Dehradun.

Give us a brief about your company’s various divisions?
UB Engineering operates through its strategic business units like UB Construction Division, EPC Division Mechanical, EPC Division Substations & Transmission Lines and O & M Division.

Do you have any new technology in mind? How does your company keep updated with the current trends?
As a construction company, we continuously update our implementation techniques to reduce delivery time, cost and improve quality of execution which customers are looking from us. We also keep ourselves updated on the new construction equipment being launched in the market, which helps us to improve productivity at site.

What is the value of equipment that you implement for your projects? How much do you own? And do you intend to buy more?
At all construction sites, we provide heavy construction equipment, tools and plants which are owned by the company. We are adding more such equipment at our new sites and purchases of the same depend on the project requirement. We also hire certain equipment to add resources at site, if required by the project for fast implementation.

What do you do to keep up with the competition in the industry?
In order to be successful, Indian companies need to gear up in terms of technology upgradation, quality consciousness, competitive pricing, adopting international EHS standards and adhering strictly to demanding time schedules.

Do you subcontract? Which are the forthcoming projects that you plan to subcontract?
No, we do not subcontract.

What future do you foresee for your company in the next three years?
UB Engineering’s future is promising and we look forward to becoming one of the major players in providing various power sector services under one umbrella.

You have received the Udyog Ratna Award for your role in turning the company around. What is your mantra for success?
On joining UBEL, I focused immediately on restructuring the organisation, implementing modern techniques for project monitoring particularly cash flow, improving bidding process to receive orders with better margins, introducing control and systems, adopting participative management techniques, focusing more on customer requirements, etc.

(Communication by the management of the company)

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