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CONSTRUCTION WORLD Person of the Year 2019 – Public Sector

November 2019
Kumar Keshav, Managing Director, Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation
Kumar Keshav steered a team of professionals towards the successful completion of the 23-km partly elevated and partly underground Phase1A North South Corridor of the Lucknow Metro Project. This was achieved within a strict timeframe and record period of four-and-a-half years, 36 days ahead of schedule, thereby gaining the distinction of the fastest metro project implementation ever in India. In his words:

“We were silently working in delivering an award-class infrastructure project in a time-bound manner and within cost at Lucknow. We have done it with determination, with a small team in four and a half years, 36 days ahead of schedule and got the distinction of the Fastest Metro implemented in the country and probably in the world other than China. And, I say that because I really thank Dr E Sreedharan who was the managing director of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. I worked with him for 11 years in the Delhi Metro project, and if he says it is the fastest, it is the fastest. He is the ‘Metro Man’ of the country. And I thank CONSTRUCTION WORLD for identifying us and motivating the Lucknow Metro team. Our consultants, vendors, suppliers and construction labour who have consistently worked for these years without any break and delivered this project – today we are here. This award will motivate us immensely in delivering our future projects of Kanpur and Agra, which are nearly three times the Lucknow Metro.”