Equipment Update

XCMG releases S9 platform concrete equipment

September 2016
XCMG has released the new generation S9 platform concrete machine products, a much-anticipated series featuring the world´s longest three-axle 52-m truck-mounted concrete boom pump HB52K as well as a four-axle 58-m truck-mounted concrete boom pump with arc-shaped legs. The complete S9 platform products lineup includes truck-mounted concrete boom pump, truck-mounted concrete line pump, trailer-mounted concrete pump, SLM4 self-loading concrete truck mixer, placing boom, aggregate-making facility and wet concrete spraying equipment, offering comprehensive construction solutions to projects with all needs. The high efficient S9 range of products adopts the most advanced energy saving technologies, improving the lightweight level of truck-mounted concrete boom pump by 5 per cent and energy saving effectiveness by 4 per cent. The concrete sucking efficiency is 5 per cent higher compared with industry average value.

Contact: XCMG.