Executive Profile

The Tough Man

September 2015
Dr Prashanth Reddy, Managing Director, Fundermax India, is a BE (Mechanical) and MBA (Marketing) and a PhD. He has a total experience of 22 years, having spent the last eight years in building materials. Fundermax´s score line of successfully completing over 5,000 projects in the last six years across India, and working with prominent architects, developers, hospitality companies, corporates and retail leaders, speak for the achievement. Fundermax operates through 40 well-trained business partners across India and Sri Lanka, who also install and service the projects. FunderMax has achieved numerous awards within India as well as internationally, for its quality systems, processes and adherence to green building norms and regulations. Dr Reddy believes that one needs to be vigilant all the time and keep refining one´s strategy to changing times. He finds the sector promising, considering the big potential and growing demand. According to Dr Reddy, Fundermax has all the collective responsibility to address the affordable housing sector, which needs special attention. He believes and practices, ¨When the going gets tough, the tough gets going¨.