Volvo Trucks is shifting gears and focussing on driving customer success

Volvo Trucks is shifting gears and focussing on driving customer success

01 Jan 2020
Over the last 20 years, through our high-technology innovative products and services solutions, Volvo Trucks has been driving progress in the Indian market. Dinakar B, SVP-Sales, Marketing & Aftermarket and Jonas Nilsson, VP-Market Hub India, Volvo Trucks, share more…

Opportunities in 2020: We are expecting a market revival in 2020. If the infrastructure projects that are being spoken about take off, this will be an opportunity for high productivity equipment such as ours to serve our customers. Our offerings cater to the niche markets such as heavy irrigation and heavy road construction. And, these segments have been least affected by the 2019 downturn.

Enhancing productivity: ‘Dynafleet’ is our telematics solution where the truck driving pattern is continuously monitored by the Dynafleet system, which helps in improving the driver competency and the truck operating conditions. This results in improved truck utilisation, minimal idling hours and better fuel efficiency.

Uptime: At Volvo, we have put a little more behind delivering ‘superior uptime’ for our customers – a one-of-its-kind concept. The Volvo Uptime Center is a ‘digital home for a more profitable transport operation’. Today, Volvo Trucks uses connectivity to prevent unplanned stops and predict service intervals. 

Driving customer success: Every day, customers across businesses choose to purchase vehicles and service solutions from us to help them succeed in their business. They trust us to keep our promises and always be there for them. In our case, this means the things that create value for the customer, where availability, quality and cost effectiveness are decisive. We don’t work for customer satisfaction, rather we focus on customer success.

New launches: Excon 2019 was focussed towards the business operation and not individual products. The product area focussed on three key segments – road construction, mining and coal transportation and general construction.

  • The Volvo FM380-23 cu m is a construction truck that expresses toughness and robustness in a distinctively Volvo way. It has a character that looks right in a road construction, irrigation and quarry. 
  • The Volvo FMX460-20.3 cu m is the BS-6 solution for mining. The Volvo FMX can handle some of the toughest conditions out there. Where many would struggle, the FMX is always ready to be pushed to the limit. 
  • The Volvo FMX460-33 cu m is a high capacity coal transportation solution. The reliable and powerful FMX platform helps you get higher productivity with a lower fleet size, ensures high uptime, long service life and much higher returns on your investment. 
  • The Volvo Tree-Transplanter – Care for the environment has been one of Volvo’s core values since the 70s. Among various initiatives taken, we have also identified the need of the hour to 
  • save the trees. There are two machines that are currently operating at KIAL as a part of the expansion project.

The aftermarket area focussed on an end-to-end solution provider for the customers. We partner with our customers on improving their operational efficiency and competence development. To us, there is no time for downtime. 
We will continue the work we do every day, of ‘Powering Customer Success’. We will always put our customers first, delivering products and services that enable them to keep the promises they have made to their customers.

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