Raj Lakhani /
Managing Director, PERI (India)

We need to design and produce systems that are for the market

January 2019

The newly launched ALPHADECK slab formwork system was the highlight for PERI (India) at bauma 2018. Being a German company, this is the first system where the ideation and the prototype, the design and planning have been done in India. “This is our first formwork system that is made in India, designed in India and for India,” says Raj Lakhani, Managing Director, as he shares more….

One pathbreaking offering: Our focus on safety and quality. In terms of safety, we look to the future and that’s what we do.

Demand drivers in 2019: Residential is the biggest sector as a contributor to our company’s sales, but now infrastructure is the fastest growing sector assuming that the government will continue to invest in infrastructure.
Announcement contributing to the company’s growth in 2018: We launched a techno polymer-based DUO universal formwork system in bauma 2016 and that contributed to good growth because it is a recyclable green technology and is environment-friendly.

Challenge for the company in 2019: None really; we are growing well and we expect to continue to grow.
Key strategy to success in 2019: We need to design and produce systems that are for the market and we need to give the market what it wants.

Recommendation for growth of the construction equipment market: Focus on safety, quality, speed, and economy.