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Big plans for AP! To build 20,000 check dams

May 2017
The Government of Andhra Pradesh has prepared an action plan to construct 20,000 check dams from April 15 to July 15 this year with an aim to meet the drinking water and irrigation needs in drought-prone areas in the state during the months of summer. In this direction, it is planning to adopt rainwater harvesting in a big way by tieing up with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

The programme is scheduled to be launched in the Rayalaseema region by Andhra Pradesh’s Chief Minister. Studies have been conducted in all the regions for the past six months by a team of 10 officials – including scientists and geologists – who have identified the areas for the construction of check dams to increase the groundwater level. The programme will also help in soil conservation.

Apart from the construction of check dams, all the village tanks are also expected to be repaired, as per reports. Moreover, several lift irrigation schemes have also been revived to meet the drinking water needs during summer.