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Toshiba Johnson Elevators launches “ELCOSMO-TJ” elevator model for India

Toshiba Johnson Elevators launches “ELCOSMO-TJ” elevator model for India

24 Sep 2016
ELCOSMO-TJ is the latest series of elevators launched by Toshiba Johnson Elevators India (TJEI), targeting the ever-growing mid-rise buildings of the Indian real estate market – the mid-sized office and commercial spaces and residential condominiums.

Similar to the existing premium segment series of elevators, ELCOSMO-TJ also offers technologically-advanced energy-saving features such as highly-efficient PMSM motors, high quality variable voltage variable frequency drive systems and LED lightings inside the elevator cabin.

Specifications of the ELCOSMO-TJ include: Load capacity of 544 kg - 1,020 kg; 8-15 number of persons; and speed of 1m per second, 1.75 m per second.

Yoshiyuki Mabuchi, Managing Director, TJEI, shares, “Since our entry in the India market in 2011, we were focusing only on the premium segment. The launch of our new mid-segment ELCOSMO-TJ model marks our entry in the upper middle segment, which will help us consolidate our annual sales to 2,000 units per year by FY2020.”

ELCOSMO-TJ will be distributed by both TJEI and its collaborating company, Johnson Lifts, utilising their distribution network. India being the second largest market for elevators and escalators, ELCOSMO-TJ draws a path for TJEI to extend its market share in the upper-middle segment of this industry as well.

Furthermore, by employing some of the components manufactured in India, supplied by Johnson Lifts, this newly developed standard model is competitive in both cost and delivery time
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