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January 2013
Sukhbir Singh Badal, the Chief Minister of Punjab, describes it as an 'amazing believe-it-or-not project' and the credit for executing this 10-storeyed marvel in just 48 hours goes to Harpal Singh, Managing Director, Synergy Thrislington. This Mohali-based infrastructure company has forever changed the Indian outlook towards construction by adopting a smart technique to create 'Instacon' in a small period of time. It ensured that around 80-90 per cent of the work was completed in the factory under a controlled environment. Also, utility arrangements such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical, fire-fighting, etc, were fitted in the floor frames of steel. The highly skilled in-house engineering and design team used specialised software to prepare the engineering and fabrication drawings of the building. Instacon, is also being hailed as a 'green construction' as it uses energy-efficient materials and reduces carbon emissions to about one-fifth that of any other construction of the same magnitude. (For more on the project, refer page 134)
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