Suretech Infrastructure

April 2010

Sunil Newatia, Chairman

What would you say is your USP?
We are the leaders in driven piles technology and promote vibratory hammers, hydraulic impact hammers, diesel hammers, driven piling rigs. The equipment promoted by us are known for their quality and performance worldwide and our principals control more than 60 per cent market share globally including India. Our USP is our product support. Our after-sales support is one of the main reasons for our being the market leader today.

Give an account of your after-sales services and availability of spares.
We are capable of providing complete on-site as well as off-site service support. We have invested a substantial amount in latest diagnostic equipment and instruments to aid quick diagnose and resolution of machine breakdowns as we understand the cost of breakdowns for our customers. We have also invested in quality manpower and their training, thus making them efficient to deliver the required results. We never introduce a product in the market till we have spares and servicing capabilities for that product. We stock a comprehensive range of spares required for servicing both regular maintenance and the breakdowns of the equipment supplied by us. We stock complete range of float units of hydraulic pumps and motors to ensure minimum downtime for our customers in the event of failure of such vital components.

Which equipment is in demand in the industry, why? Are you able to cope with the demand?
We have been concentrating on building upon our strengths. Lately we have seen the demand growing and have geared ourselves to meet the demands of the market. We are also augmenting our rental fleet to meet the growing demand for rental units. vibratory hammers being a very niche product requires years of experience to handle and we understand this and realise that newcomers shall have great difficulty in understanding the product and deliver the quality product support. We have thus geared ourselves to meet the rising demand of the industry.

How large is the market? Could you tell us about your turnover?
The market for driven piles has not been huge primarily because of lack of awareness of the capabilities of this equipment.We expect the market to grow steadily now as this technology is gaining acceptance and its popularity and awareness is rising steadily. We sold equipment worth Rs 150 crore last year.

Which region do you focus on? Do you have an all-India presence?
We have a pan India presence and have our own offices and representatives at Mumbai, Goa, Delhi, Chennai, Jaipur, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, Pune and Kolkata. We have a very discerning clientele who are known for using right equipment for right jobs and are spread all over the country.

Tell us about your growth strategy. What future do you foresee for the sector in India?
India is expected to grow at 9 per cent for the next 10 years at least and infrastructure is expected to drive this growth. Construction equipment industry is touted to grow at over 20-25 per cent year on year. Our strategy for growth is to keep concentrating on the key areas i.e. latest product offerings in terms of technology, product performance vis-à-vis commitments and the product support. If you keep excelling and performing consistently in what you are good at then growth and success will follow.

What are your suggestions to the government to promote this sector?
Government should try to make finance available at concessional rates of interest and provide tax and duty concessions to the entire chain in the infrastructure industry. Today only the primary contractors are the beneficiaries of whatever concessions or incentives government is providing and the sub contractors, hiring companies do not get anything. Speedy implementation of GST shall also go a long way in the growth of this industry as it will remove the bottlenecks in seamless movement of goods and equipment across the country.