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Polished Tiles

Polished Tiles

01 Sep 2018
Vitero tiles from the house of Aparna Enterprises has launched 10 new shades to its overall tile collection. The tiles will be available in 800 x 800 and 800 x 1,200 sizes, priced at Rs 60-65 per sq m. The colour palette ranges from grey, granito, choco, black, dark brown and snow white. The tiles are made from a pure mixture of fine clay and elements like silica, quartz and feldspar, with state-of-the-art technology from SCAMI and Keda. These double charged tiles are known for its features that include high resistance to scratch, stains and low maintenance demand. The new collection comes with a highly polished finish using nanotechnology.  

Contact: Aparna Enterprises. 

Tel: 040-2360 6245.

Website: www.aparnaenterprisesltd.com
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