Rain Dance

September 2011
Johnson Bath's new collection of Thunder Rain showers offers the combined experience of a rain shower and a smooth massage using high pressured water flow. Made of high quality 304 grade stainless steel, this collection is durable and sturdy. The brushed steel finish reinforces a look of finesse and perfection. High quality silicone nozzles 'self clean', thereby ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted showering experience. These showers are available in round and square shapes and in two sizes - 315 mm and 500 mm. A 6 inch ceiling-fixed shower arm gives the pleasurable experience of a rain shower.


Thunder Rain Shower Square - 500 mm, Rs27,360/-;
Thunder Rain Shower Round - 500 mm, Rs29,280/-;
Thunder Rain Shower Square - 315 mm, Rs12,000/-;
Thunder Rain Shower Round - 315 mm, Rs13,680/-;
Ceiling-fix Shower Arm - 6 inch, Rs720/-


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