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The Green Wave

01 Feb 2011 Long Read

With its key sustainable features and green techniques, WaveRock Phase-I is the first pre-certified LEED Gold in Hyderabad under the IGBC programme for Core and Shell.

A JV between Tishman Speyer and ICICI Venture, WaveRock Phase-I is the first pre-certified LEED Gold in Hyderabad under the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) programme for Core and Shell. The project, which was designed to reflect the use of sustainable features and energy efficiency, has been developed by Tishman Speyer India, also a founding member of the IGBC. Rakesh Sharma, Managing Director & Country Head, Tishman Speyer I Pvt Ltd, tells us more...

Initial sketch

WaveRock was planned with the aim to build a Class A information technology park in Hyderabad, which would exceed quality and occupational standards. The reduction in the carbon footprint of the building can be measured as follows: the power saved is about 9 million kwh per year or 7000 metric tonne of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to taking 1,300 cars off the road every year or planting 1,600 acre of trees.

As the planning and design of the WaveRock project was initiated in December 2006, it was envisaged to be developed in phases. The construction of Phase-I started in June 2007 with the excavation of the site. In this phase, we have built the first office tower as well as a four-level parking garage with a podium. The parking garage is spread over 1.2 million sq ft, providing 2,975 parking spaces for the entire development. The office tower is a 10-storey building with a total built-up area of 695,000 sq ft. The total cost of building out Phase-I is about Rs 600 crore.

Architectural details

The building’s clean lines with a glass facade give it a modern look. The building is 28-m wide, with two centre cores, ensuring that 85 per cent of the floor plate receives daylight. The column grids at 9.5 m × 8.4 m ensure a floor plate that supports the open-plan workstation configuration preferred by IT tenants. Services are designed so the floor plate is flexible and can be divided into four to six divisions. The landscape has been designed by Ken Smith Landscape Architects with an emphasis on the use of local plants and trees that would compliment the strong geometry of the building.

Key sustainable features

WaveRock Phase-I is an energy-efficient building designed to achieve a LEED Gold rating. The key sustainable features that qualify this building for the rating are as follows:

Energy efficiency: WaveRock has been constructed with a double-glazed curtain wall designed to reduce external heat gain and provide daylight while reducing glare and harmful thermal radiation. It provides a superior acoustic environment by reducing noise transmission. (The structural glazing system provides high VLT factor yet with high thermal-efficient glass factors (U< 2.5 W/sq mK), thereby saving air-conditioning loads.) Also, the building’s air-conditioning system utilises highly efficient water-cooled centrifugal chillers with variable speed pumps and cooling tower fans to provide cooling while minimising energy consumption. In addition, WaveRock has an intelligent, mechanical ventilation system with carbon monoxide/carbon dioxide sensors to manage air quality in the underground parking structure. The concept of treated fresh air and heat recovery wheel has been used to provide treated, conditioned air to the air handling units, thereby effectively reducing air-conditioning loads on the system. The WaveRock system is controlled and managed by an IBMS system that helps obtain optimum efficiency from all equipment, thereby increasing energy efficiency. These systems are capable of measuring and tracking specific end uses of energy, which in turn helps in using energy efficiently.

Water use efficiency: Highly efficient, low-flow fixtures are used in the restrooms that save about 20 per cent more water than conventional fixtures, thus reducing domestic water consumption. Also, WaveRock’s wastewater plant provides recycled, treated water for the entire water needs of the cooling towers and air-conditioning systems. Further, the balance water beyond cooling tower requirements is used for landscape irrigation and horticultural purposes for the entire park.

Sustainable site features: The building is designed for a fuel-efficient future as it provides spaces for electric vehicles with charging points. Onsite rainwater harvesting bore wells will save potable water and help replenish the local water table. The underground parking structure ensures that the campus has ample free space for pedestrian walkways, meeting places, garden terraces, etc.

Indoor air quality: Waverock’s ventilation system is designed to provide 30 per cent additional treated air than ASHRAE standards. This is achieved by using treated fresh air handling units with a combination of heat recovery wheels.

Green techniques

Certain technological features contribute to making WaveRock a green project. For efficient power management, the building is supported by a state-of-the-art integrated building management system, which constantly monitors major power loads. Also, energy-efficient light fixtures (T5 and T8 lamps) are used in both indoor and outdoor applications. The air-conditioning system is provided with water-cooled centrifugal chillers with a coefficient of performance (COP) of more than 6.1. The system provides cooling efficiency up to 300 sq ft/TR. Further, the treated fresh air fans have heat recovery wheels that account for 75 per cent efficiency. There is primary variable and secondary pumping with 80 per cent efficiency. Also, the dedicated condenser water loop is equipped with the ability to optimise heat loads within tenant spaces for 24 hours.

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While WaveRock Phase-I is an energy-efficient building designed to achieve a LEED Gold rating, Phase-II is also designed to meet similar green standards. This phase, however, is to be constructed in three stages: 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3. These are expected to be built over the next three years. However, on completion, Phase-II is expected to have a built-up area of about 1.65 million sq ft built at an approximate cost of Rs 500 crore.

Project details:

Project: WaveRock Phase-I
Size: Total office built-up area: 695,000 sq ft; total parking garage area: 1.2 million sq ft
Cost: Rs 600 crore
Developer: Tishman Speyer India Pvt Ltd; Tel: 022-6159 1006.
Completion: Phase-I - April 2010; Phase-II - estimated completion in April 2013
Civil contractor: Shapoorji Pallonji & Co Ltd; Tel: 022-6749 0000
Design architects: Pei Cobb Freed & Partners LLP, New York; Tel: 212-751-3122.
Principal architect: Henry Cobb
Project architect: Jay Berman
Local architect: RSP Design Consultants India Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru
Project architect: Sanjay Balan
Landscape - design architects: KSLA (Ken Smith Landscape Architects), New York
Principal architect: Ken Smith
Project architect: Hardy Stecker
Structural consultant: Sterling Engineering Consultants Pvt Ltd; Tel: 022-2207 3578.
Electrical consultant: Spectral Services Consultants Pvt Ltd; Tel: 0120-404 9000.
Plumbing consultant: Environs; Tel: 011-6580 9933.
External cladding contractor: SP Fabricators Pvt Ltd; Tel: 022-5590 4163/64/65.
Elevators and escalators: Schindler; Tel: 022 6703 1000.
HVAC consultant: Spectral Services Consultants Pvt Ltd; Tel: 0120-404 9000.
HVAC Contractor: Voltas Ltd; Tel: 022-6665 6666.
Lighting consultant: George Sexton Associates
LEED & sustainability: Environmental Design Solutions & Eco3Design, New Delhi; Tel: 011-2649 7512.
Principal: Tanmay Tathagat
Project manager: Kevin Sullivan
Fire protection/alarm systems: Firepro/Tyco
Air-conditioners: Chillers by Carrier; Tel: 0124-482 5500.
Glazing: Curtain wall contractor - SP Fabricators Pvt Ltd with St Gobain Glass

Materials used:

• Entrance lobby floors are finished in honed black granite.
• Walls of the lobby are clad in polished white ‘Vietnam White’ marble.
• Lighting for the entrance lobbies is designed to complement the white stone cladding on the walls with fixtures by Prescolite and Edison.
• Restrooms are finished in vitrified tile.
• The east and west façades are a double-glazed unitised curtain wall system. The north and south facades are finished in ACP panels.
• The fire-fighting system covers the entire building including tenant spaces.
• Lighting systems reflect the use of energy-efficient lamps and fixtures.

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