Construction World presents India's Most Trusted Companies

In difficult times like the present, only trusted brands command their price. The behaviour and the sum total of actions of a company - in times of prosperity and adversity - towards its suppliers, customers, employees, bankers and investors forms the ‘trust quotient’.

We would like you to vote for the companies who have earned your trust or what we call “Most Trusted Construction Brands” in India. You can base your choice on several criteria: financial performance, scale and speed of execution of projects, commitment to customers, corporate governance, ethics, best business practices, social responsibility, adaptability, eco-friendly and customer-friendly policies and transparency, amongst others.

All you have to do is to select 10 Companies against the names given below. These encompass multiple segments – Contracting, Building, Equipment, Chemicals, Cement, Steel, Paints, Tiles and Sanitary ware, Glass - that form an integral part of the industry.

In case you think some company is not represented here, you can add up to 1 Company of YOUR CHOICE, at the end of the form. However the total number of nominations should not exceed more than 10. (9 names from the given list and 1 of your choice)

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