JLG increases 20% capacity of its two new scissor lifts

01 Feb 2022

JLG Industries has two new scissor lift models, the electric-drive ES2646 and the hydraulic-drive R2646, with a 20% increase in its capacity.

These can be used indoor and outdoor and have a platform height of 26 feet and a capacity of 1,200 pounds.

The models offer 32 feet of working height and can carry two occupants to height indoors and one occupant to height outdoors.

The company told the media that the electric drive ES2646, integrated components and limited hydraulic parts on the ES2646, offers less chance for leaks and service calls. These models are available with an optional CleanGuard leak-containment system for work on sensitive flooring.

The hydraulic-drive R2646 includes active pothole protection, which provides increased ground clearance when working on demanding grounds.

Director of product management of JLG, Bob Begley, said that these models have a 20% increase in capacity, compared to competitive models in the size class, allowing scissor lift operators to carry more materials, including pipes and panels, tools like welders, to the work area. The overhead tasks can be completed quicker and more efficiently.

The new scissor lifts share similar technologies like variable tilt to increase the work envelope while using them on uneven surfaces. Further, they can accommodate a variety of options and accessories, including JLG Mobile Control, QuikAccess Rails and QuikFold Rails.

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