Wonder Cement installs ABB's SPRS solution to save energy

01 Mar 2022

Wonder Cement has installed ABB's ACS880-based Slip Power Recovery System (SPRS) solution at its manufacturing plant in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, to save energy.

The plant has three production lines, with an 8 million tonne per annum (mtpa) producing clinker capacity.

As the manufacturing procedure of cement is complex, firms mostly opt for big slip ring induction motors to get high starting torque and meet procedure needs.

The traditional process uses external rotor resistors and leads to heavy power loss in the form of resistive heat dissipation.

The SPRS solution of ABB's ACS880 plays an essential role in controlling the speed ring motor's speed and helps in accomplishing substantial energy savings.

The built-in energy calculators, along with used and saved kilowatt-hours, decreased carbon dioxide (CO2), and saved money, help the customer to optimize manufacturing procedures to ensure efficient energy use.

The energy optimiser mode assures maximum torque per ampere, decreasing energy drawn from the supply.

The SPRS comes with the ABB Ability Condition Monitoring solution, helping Wonder Cement observe and measure key parameters such as temperature, pressure, current, humidity, and fault events.

The automatic alert feature enables the customer to take corrective steps in the initial stage to avoid tripping.

The Bluetooth panel offers seamless connection to mobile devices and provides a clear, easy-to-use solution for analysing historical trends, controlling speed and start-stop operation, and accessing drive information to support commissioning, service and reporting.

Sanjeev Arora, President of motion business area, ABB India, told the media that with SPRS's support, Wonder Cement saved 1.8 GWh to 2.0 GWh energy annually, which is equal to the energy consumed by more than 9,000 houses every month.

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