Ahmedabad leads the way in solar energy use with 34,794 users

01 Mar 2023

With 34,794 customers and a total installed capacity of 1.54L KW, the Ahmedabad district has the highest rate of solar power consumption in the state. More than 2.3 lakh household consumers have registered for Surya Gujarat, a solar rooftop scheme, in the previous two years. Kanu Desai, the state's Energy Minister, responded to inquiries about Surya Gujarat's district-specific information by stating that more than 2.30 lakh consumers in 27 districts had registered for the programme in the two years leading up to December 31, 2022, with a total installed capacity of 922 MW.

Ahmedabad topped the state with 34,794 household consumer registrations, followed by Vadodara with 33,918, Surat 30,918 and Rajkot 24,118 consumers, the minister said. According to him, Gujarat is the nation's leading producer of solar energy under the solar rooftop programme. According to him, the programme has significantly reduced electricity rates for consumers while also allowing them to make money by selling extra energy to businesses for Rs 2.25 per unit.

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