Airports will be developed in three places in Karnataka

01 Sep 2022

The Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) released a list of places from across the country that qualified as under-serving or un-serving airstrips and proposed to develop them in the next round of the central leadership's UDAN scheme. Karnataka's Hassan, Kolar and Raichur have made it to the list and may see their airstrips developed soon.

The government analysed these places on basis of their proximity to wildlife sanctuaries, tourist destinations and religious places. While Hassan and Kolar were close to spiritual places, Raichur was close to tourist destinations. The list had 10 places in proximity to wildlife sanctuaries, 29 in proximity to tourist destinations and 15 in proximity to spiritual places, listing a total 54 airstrips.

The list featured 11 places from Madhya Pradesh alone, 10 from Rajasthan and seven from Bihar.

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