Ariyalur-Sendurai Highway: March 2024 Completion

01 Aug 2023

The state highways department is making significant progress in the expansion of the Ariyalur-Sendurai highway, with around 70% of the construction work completed. This four-lane highway project, undertaken as part of the chief minister road development project (CMRDP), aims to enhance connectivity and accommodate the growing traffic volume between Ariyalur and Sendurai towns in India. The 17.2km stretch has been a concern due to its narrowness, leading to accidents as trucks servicing cement factories and limestone quarries frequently traverse the route, making approximately 800 trips daily. To address this, the road widening initiative seeks to increase the width from 7m to 15m, providing safer passage for heavy vehicles.
Chief Engineer R Chandrasekar recently conducted a quality inspection of the completed portion, and officials expressed satisfaction with the progress. The project encompasses the construction of 43 new culverts and the widening of 12 existing ones. Notably, 80% of the culvert-related work has already been accomplished. Furthermore, the development includes the creation of stormwater drains, spanning 6.9km and encompassing Thamaraikulam and Rayampuram villages. The entire initiative, slated for completion by March 2024, is poised to enhance road safety, ease congestion, and foster efficient transportation in the region.

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