Atlas Copco’s latest drilling sensation!

01 Aug 2022

Atlas Copco is excited to be launching the X-Air 850-290 portable air compressor, a drilling focused unit that doesn’t so much improve on the standards of its contemporaries, as rewrite the rule book.

Ruggedly designed to meet the needs of the demanding coal mining and water well drilling segments, the X-Air 850-290 is dual pressure – 17 bar (246 psi) and 20 bar (290 psi), and principally truck or excavator-mounted. It is capable of powering water well drilling from 600 to 800* feet (4.5 inch class) and at a very economical cost-per-foot. Meanwhile, in coal mining applications, it can power 6.5 inch class blasthole drilling at an economical cost. Compared to its contemporary, the XR1000/1100, the X-Air 850-290 is remarkably lightweight – 13%* lighter, compact – 32%* smaller, and an incredible 30%* more fuel efficient. And thanks to the latest anti-vibration mounts, having the X-Air 850-290 on board only delivers good vibes.

With an operating window that stretches from temperatures from freezing up to 55oC, the X-Air 850-290 enjoys a best-in-class canopy, advanced control electronics and easy single-sided servicing.

Tony van Herbruggen, General Manager, Power Technique, Atlas Copco India, said: “The X-Air 850-290 is a game changing compressor that is specifically designed to meet the needs of the demanding coal mining and water well drilling sectors. Its compact dimensions, lighter weight, performance ability – not forgetting fuel efficiency – all combine to deliver great customer value. Its state-of-the art digital controller and ease of maintenance contribute to a higher return on investment and lower service costs.”

The X-Air 850-290 is powered by a six-cylinder Ashok Leyland electronic diesel engine, which at normal shaft speeds delivers 233 kW of engine power.

Advanced XC2003 controller

  • IP65: fully dust and water proof
  • LCD colour screen
  • Simple interface for pressure setting
  • Easy diagnostics
  • Remote monitoring

  • Standard supply with Smartlink/Corebox
  • Location, hours and operational status captured
  • Ease of maintenance

  • Long service intervals – 500 hours engine maintenance
  • Single sided servicing
  • Big doors for easy access to service points
  • Heavy duty air filters, with pre-cleaners
  • Simple vessel cover design, for easy service
  • Less than one hour to change the oil separator element
  • Compact dimensions & High resale value

  • Robust and reliable design
  • Long life bodywork coating
  • The X-Air 850-290 is a revolutionary compressor that combines high performance with reliability and low cost of ownership. It is also smaller, lighter and more fuel efficient than its contemporary. Experience how the X-Air from Atlas Copco rewrites the rule book.

    *engineering parameters, subject to actual site conditions.