Central Railway accelerates third rail line project, ready in 2 years

01 Sep 2023

In an effort to alleviate the growing congestion experienced by daily commuters at stations like Kasara, Asangaon, Titwala, Ambivli, Shahad, and Kalyan, the Central Railway has accelerated its project to construct a third rail line between Kalyan and Kasara. A senior official announced that this project is slated for completion within two years. Once operational, the third rail line will significantly enhance the frequency of suburban train services and augment passenger carrying capacity.

Thus far, the Central Railway has successfully acquired 73% of the required land for the third railway track project on the Kalyan-Kasara section. This section spans a length of 67 kilometres, and the construction of the third line is being executed at an estimated cost of Rs 7.93 billion. Additionally, it has been reported that the Central Railway has initiated land acquisition procedures for a fourth rail line between Kalyan and Asangaon, with an approximate budget of Rs 17.59 billion. This development is expected to further enhance suburban train frequency at Shahad, Ambivli, Titwala, and Asangaon stations in the future.

When approached for comments, CR's chief spokesperson, Shivraj Manaspure, affirmed, "The land acquired for the third rail line between Kalyan and Kasara presently stands at approximately 36 hectares out of the total 49 hectares."

Notably, there have been recent concerns voiced by environmental advocates regarding the impact on trees and forested areas, with assertions that it may lead to an "ecological imbalance." In response to these concerns, Manaspure clarified, "We have obtained the necessary permissions from the forest department."

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