Chandigarh administration notifies C&D waste policy on Tuesday

01 Feb 2022

The Chandigarh Administration on Tuesday, has notified the Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste policy.

The policy focuses on ensuring the implementation of C&D Waste Management Rules 2016 issued by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change to provide the reusing of recycled or processed waste.

According to the policy, every waste generator will dump the C&D waste only at the waste processing plant at Industrial Area Phase-I, Chandigarh or any other designated location.

The waste generators, who have paid C&D processing charges during the time of approval of building plans, will receive the processed material for free, amounting to 50% of the amount paid during the approval of the building plans, in one year, as per Clause 90.

Those waste generators who did not pay the C&D waste processing charges during the period of building plans or where the C&D waste was generated by any activity not requiring approval of building plans will get free C&D processed material equivalent to 50% of the amount calculated and paid.

Dumping the C&D waste on roadsides, dumpsites, and other non-designed places will not be permitted. For illegal dumping of C&D waste, the transporter or generator will have to pay a fine of Rs 5,500 per vehicle.

The Chandigarh Administration had launched operations at the third Continous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station (CAAQMS), installed at Forest Nursery, Sector 53 in Chandigarh.

The CAAQMS project was inaugurated by the adviser to the administration Dharam Pal, in the presence of the secretary, environment cum chairman of Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee (CPCC), Nitin Kumar Yadav and director, environment and member secretary of CPCC, Chandigarh, Debendra Dalai.

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