Chennai Metro plans 27-storey building in Central Square

01 Sep 2023

The Central Square, now a city landmark bustling with crowds every day, will soon be home to a 27-storey building, as per officials from Chennai Metro Rail (CMRL). They stated that the first step in this endeavour, a massive eight-level parking facility, capable of accommodating up to 1,900 vehicles ? 1,500 two-wheelers and 400 four-wheelers, has been completed. The design for the building, after extensive consultations with various stakeholders, has been finalised. This design has undergone several revisions over the years. Initially, CMRL had envisioned a towering 33-storey structure, which was later reduced to 31 floors. Subsequently, a plan for two separate towers emerged ? one with 17 floors and another with seven. Eventually, the decision settled on a single tower with 27 floors. An official explained the rationale behind this choice: ?We considered different options and arrived at this proposal because we believed that having two towers could exacerbate traffic congestion in the area. While our initial plan included substantial commercial development, we have decided to allocate space in the building for government offices instead, to address potential traffic issues.?

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