Civic body to set up 1,218 CCTVs under Amritsar Smart City project

01 May 2022

Under the Amritsar Smart City project, the Municipal Corporation (MC) has proposed to set up 1,218 CCTV cameras at 466 locations in the city.

The MC would also establish an Integrated Command Control Centre (ICCC) to keep a check on the movements of the whole city.

Preparations are being made to construct the ICCC on the top floor of the Amritsar Municipal Corporation head office in Ranjit Avenue. This project will cost about Rs 95 crore. It will be financed by Amritsar Smart City Limited (ASCL).

Officials of the ASCL said they had the target to finish this project within nine months. At the Integrated Command Control Centre, the whole city would be observed 24x7 through these 1,218 cameras on multiple screens, wherein the firm hired by ASCL will look after the operation and maintenance work for four years.

There would be complete monitoring to trace crime and control traffic in Amritsar.

As many as 10 message display boards, 12 air quality monitors, emergency call booths, and intelligent traffic management systems would also be set up at 17 locations under this project.

Every main square and intersection would be covered under the project, in which four to eight CCTV cameras would be set up at the intersections, Mayor Karamjit Singh Rintu told the media.

Under the project, the emergency response system will be operational for 24 hours. With this, the police will be more competent than before to deal with criminals.

Under this project, the Punjab Municipal Infrastructure Development Company (PMDIC) floated tenders for three cities last year.

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