Coal India and Neyveli achieve mission-mode recruitment success

01 Sep 2023

In a significant move towards fulfilling their commitment to provide employment opportunities and ensure the welfare of citizens, Coal India (CIL) and Neyveli Lignite Corporation India (NLCIL), both under the Ministry of Coal, announced that they had initiated a recruitment drive in Mission Mode in July 2022.

According to an official statement, there has been commendable progress in achieving their targets, and they have issued appointment letters to candidates. It was stated that Coal India, in its dedicated pursuit of this mission, mentioned that they had conducted recruitment drives in seven phases. CIL proudly revealed that they had issued a total of 7,268 appointment letters, which was significantly more than their original target of 3,969.

This accomplishment was considered remarkable, indicating an impressive growth rate of 83.11 percent. In the month of August 2023, the target was 465 appointment letters, and CIL managed to exceed it by issuing a total of 574. The statement also highlighted the outstanding commitment of NLC India Limited (NLCIL) to this cause.

As of September 19, 2023, NLCIL had issued 528 appointment letters, surpassing their set target of 480. This achievement reflected a substantial growth rate of 10 percent. In July 2023, NLCIL had initially aimed for 75 appointment letters, but they exceeded it by issuing 149 appointment letters.

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