Coal Ministry Guarantees Sufficient Coal for thermal power plants

01 Jul 2023

The coal ministry guaranteed thermal power plants of adequate coal supplies to enable ongoing electricity output. Coal inventories at thermal power plants was at a healthy 33.46 million tonne as of 16 July, up 28% year on year (YoY).

Both central and state power generators have received more supplies.

Rains had little effect on coal production in July, according to the ministry, thanks to rigorous mine-level preparation for the monsoon season. Companies have begun building cemented highways to allow for continuous coal removal from larger mines.

In addition, transportation from nine coal mines to railway sidings has begun via mechanized coal handling plants. As a result, coal production increased to 258.57 million tonnes from 1 April to 16 July, above last year's output of 236.69 million tonnes.

Simultaneously, coal dispatches to the power industry over the time were 233 million tonnes, up from 224 million tonnes the previous year. Because of the surplus availability, coal companies have been able to supply large additional quantities to the non-regulated sector.

Notably, while thermal power output increased at a pace of 2.04% this year, coal production increased at a rate that exceeded 9%. The coal, railway, and power ministries are collaborating closely to ensure enough coal availability for all thermal power units.

The ministry stated that no power plants have been closed due to a lack of coal.

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