Coolcrete : A new innovation by ACC

01 Mar 2023

ACC Limited, the cement and building materials company of Adani Cement and part of the Adani Group, has formulated a temperature controlled concrete, Coolcrete . It has been developed to prevent the rise of the internal temperature of the concrete beyond the specified limits for mass concreting or large pours. It reduces the heat of hydration, minimising the risk of thermal cracking and delayed ettringite formation in mass concrete.

Coolcrete is being used to improve the medical infrastructure at the Peerless Hospital in Kolkata. The hospital is constructing a new block between the oncology and outpatient departments for confined cancer treatment by erecting a 1600-mm radiation wall made of M30 grade RMC at 25°C and a slump of 150-160 mm.

The product has a high resistance to segregation and a strength of up to M100, with a flow range of 550-750 mm. Additionally, it ensures that concrete bleeding and drying shrinkage are minimised.due to improved resistance to water and chloride ingress and fewer internal cracks.

Ajay Kapur, CEO, Cement Business said, innovative products are developed keeping in mind the unique needs of our customers. Coolcrete and several of our other products are the outcome of our best practices and expertise in this domain. We keep innovation at the core of our business and are also mindful of the quality offered, which is beyond comparison. We have always strived to produce superior quality products for our customers to cater to their varied requirements and help them build sustainable structures."

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