Engcon Unveils Enhanced S60 Coupler for 12-19 Tonne Excavators

01 Jun 2023

Engcon announced that they have introduced an updated S60 quick coupler designed for excavators weighing between 12 to 19 tonne. This new coupler allows operators to connect and disconnect hydraulic tools, such as tiltrotators, without needing to leave the cab.

The S60 is made of welded high-strength steel that has been reinforced both laterally and in the digging direction. Engcon states that the enhanced stability around the attachment points of the machine contributes to an improved operating experience.

Making retrofitting easier, Engcon has reduced the number of hoses on the machine hitch when installing their fully automatic quick coupler system called EC-Oil. This reduction in hoses not only decreases the risk of leaks but also extends service intervals and simplifies maintenance. Furthermore, the new bolt-on EC-Oil block has an increased hydraulic flow.

The quick coupler features four hooks that face the excavation direction, effectively doubling the contact surface for even distribution of digging forces. To minimise the risk of accidents caused by swinging tools and attachments, there are front and rear locks in place. Additionally, the optional ground pressure function ensures that the tool can only be detached when it exerts a specific pressure on the ground, thereby reducing the likelihood of dropped buckets.

For ease of use, a standardised control panel simplifies the operation of both the machine coupler and tiltrotator coupler, reducing the risk of incorrect usage.

Lastly, the coupler includes a bolted lifting hook, and there is also an option for a lifting eye.

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