IIT-Delhi flags chloride concern for buildings

01 Jun 2023

An IIT-Delhi audit of the Godrej Summit housing development along the Dwarka Motorway has issued a warning over the area's water's level of chloride, which has a negative impact on concrete. buildings and recommended a strong maintenance plan to deal with the issue. According to the IIT panel's study on Summit in Sector 104, chloride in water corrodes the embedded steel reinforcement of structures, decreasing their strength. Godrej Properties requested the audit. "Grounding our understanding on a number of projects in this Dwarka and Dwarka belt motorway, we have seen that many other villages are dealing with similar problems," the IIT team said in its report.

Additionally, excessive chloride was discovered in the concrete of four towers at Chintels Paradiso, where five flats collapsed vertically in February 2022, killing two inhabitants. The tower 'D' has been abandoned since then, and three more deemed unfit for human occupancy. IIT-Delhi is also performing a structural analysis on Paradiso, which is located nearby in Sector 109.

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