IIT Kanpur & Indian Army collaborate to pursue carbon neutrality

01 May 2023

The Indian Army is now prepared to strive towards achieving carbon neutrality on a number of cantonment campuses in yet another green endeavour. As a result, the Military Engineer Services (MES) Jhansi and IIT Kanpur have recently inked MoU to work towards the zero-emission goal. The action is intended to aid India's effort to achieve net-zero emissions by 2070. The institute will do yearly sustainability audits for the MES Jhansi cantonment campuses as part of this MoU. The results of these audits will be used to pinpoint problem areas and create plans for lowering the schools' carbon footprint.

Col. Akhil Singh Charak, Commander Works Engineer (CWE) and IIT-K graduate, and Prof. AR Harish, Dean of R&D, IIT Kanpur, recently signed the MoU. In an effort to achieve net zero carbon emissions, net zero energy use, net zero water usage, and net zero waste generation, five MES Jhansi campuses have been chosen as the focus of the collaboration. Additionally, through on-the-job training targeted at encouraging sustainable practises, IIT Kanpur will train Army personnel and create a resource pool for them. Through this programme, the Indian army will create a verifiable model by providing a practical illustration of how to become carbon neutral, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and move towards a more sustainable future.

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