Kanpur's Smart City initiate programme for constant electricity supply

01 Jan 2023

According to a statement made by the divisional commissioner's office, the federal and state governments collaborated on this initiative. By utilising automation and cutting-edge technologies in the power sector, it would guarantee better services and a steady supply of high-quality electricity. According to a separate statement in the press release, Kanpur Smart City Limited had started a new project for implementation of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)/Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) in the city's electricity distribution sector to improve quality, reliability, and affordability of power supply to consumers through a financially viable and operationally efficient system.

The communication stated that it would be the first time this upgradation / automation are implemented in a distribution system with outage management system (OMS). Raj Shekhar, the Divisional Commissioner, visited the new supervisory control and data acquisition)/ADMS (advanced distribution management system), control centre, which is located in the Kesa Colony in Vikas Nagar. The visit's key takeaways and the reality of this visionary project are that the Kesco distribution grid will be managed and orchestrated safely and securely using GE's SCADA, ADMS OMS (order management systems), and GIS (Geographic Information System) software.

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