Komatsu India launches new water sprinkler WT 80KL

01 Jul 2022

Komatsu India Private (KIPL) has introduced the super-giant water sprinkler model WT 80KL in India. This has been introduced as a retro fitment on 100 t (tonne) Komatsu dump truck model HD785-7 manufactured in Komatsu India’s manufacturing facility in Chennai. This giant leap by Komatsu India, together with Larsen & Toubro, shows our firm commitment to sustainability, environmental protection and safe operations to support the mining industry, where these parameters are one of the prime responsibilities.

The newly-launched water sprinkler WT 80KL has been successfully retrofitted on Komatsu’s used dump truck model HD785-7 (100 t) operating at the Ramagundam and Manuguru open cast mines of Singareni Collieries (SCCL) in Telangana. This has enhanced the life of used dump trucks, which were otherwise destined to be scrapped.

This giant water sprinkler is being used for dust suppression at the mining pit and workshop area, as well as on haul roads. A water cannon fitted as a fire fighting machine is also suitable for washing other trucks and mining machines.

With an 80,000-litre capacity, this is the largest water sprinkler introduced by Komatsu in the Indian Mining Industry, which has so far been using smaller capacity machines. The WT 80KL water sprinkler is operated with high-powered hydraulic gear pumps.

The sprinkling device, fitted on the back of the machine, holds a spraying capacity of 18 m wide and 9.5 m away. This larger sprinkler covers the maximum area of haul roads reducing the number of passes and eventually saving fuel.

The water canon attachment is mounted on the front side of the machine. It is operated hydraulically at about 90 degrees slew and 70 degrees elevation to pour the water to a distance of about 60 m.

Integration of this water sprinkling and cannon system with Komatsu’s dump truck model HD785-7, a proven dump truck model for its performance in the mining industry worldwide, will be an added advantage and deliver customer satisfaction.

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