Land use change process in UP only after paying special fees

01 Sep 2023

Land use upgradation in Uttar Pradesh will now come with a price tag, as the state government has enacted amendments to the UP Urban Planning and Development Act. These amendments introduce the imposition of special amenity fees and the creation of amenity development funds under the jurisdiction of the state's housing development authorities. Notably, this marks a shift from the prior practice, where no charges were applied for altering land use.

Under the revised legislation, housing development authorities gain the authority to modify provisions specified in the master plan, contingent upon government approval. This strategic move is expected to boost urbanization efforts and empower authorities to generate additional revenue to enhance local amenities and services.

On September 15, the Housing and Urban Planning Department circulated the revised document among the vice-chairmen of 29 development authorities, setting the stage for its implementation.

A senior official elucidated the goals of the amended act, stating, "There is a strong possibility of upgradation of existing land use. Under the present scenario, construction work carried out in contravention of the land use stipulated in the master plan was regularized without any fees." With the new framework in place, authorities can now collect urban use charges during the approval process for elevated land use and land use change applications. They can also impose special amenity fees to facilitate significant infrastructure projects and revise the master plan as necessary. The funds generated through these measures will be deposited into the special amenities development fund of the relevant authority.

This policy alteration is anticipated to stimulate urban development in Uttar Pradesh while augmenting the capacity of local authorities to enhance public services and amenities in response to the evolving needs of the state's growing population.

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