Maha rail invites EOI for Pune-Nashik semi high-speed rail project

01 Mar 2022

The Maharashtra Railway Infrastructure Development Corporation (Maha rail) has invited companies to submit expressions of interest (EOI) to build railway stations for the project, which will speed up the construction of a semi-high-speed railway line between Pune and Nashik.

The much-anticipated Pune-Nashik Semi-High-Speed Rail Line will cut travel time between the two cities from six to one and a half hours, boosting passenger and freight traffic. As a result, the golden triangle of Mumbai, Pune, and Nashik as an emerging economic hub will be facilitated.

In its annual budget for 2021-22, the Maharashtra government approved the long-delayed Pune-Nashik railway project.

The proposed semi-high-speed railway line will be approximately 235 km long, with 24 stations along the way. The train's top speed will be 200 km per hour, and the project's estimated cost, which includes the construction of 18 tunnels, is Rs 16,039 crore.

The Pune-Nashik Semi-High-Speed Rail line will run through Maharashtra's three districts of Pune, Ahmednagar, and Nashik.

This project includes the construction of a Private Freight Terminal (PFT), a dry port, a multimodal and commercial hub, warehouses, and siding at locations suggested by local businesses.

Based on cooperative federalism, the Maha rail aims to boost rail infrastructure projects in Maharashtra. There are several areas in Maharashtra State where new railway lines have been requested for a long time. Rail infrastructure development is required to improve critical connectivity and capacity in the state. As a result, the goal is to find, develop, and implement such Rail Line projects.

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