Monsoon management plan being developed to secure coal at power plants

01 May 2023

In order to maintain sufficient fuel availability at power plants during the rainy season, when both coal output and evacuation are hindered, the coal ministry is working on a "monsoon management plan."

According to the strategy, coal companies would concentrate on delivering more from shallow locations, evacuating coal via first-mile connectivity, and building cement roads for truck traffic.

With these, the ministry is optimistic that coal availability at power plants would be adequate and accurate.

The second quarter is now the focus of planning as there is currently less coal stock depletion due to favourable weather conditions, but supply may become constrained due to rains impacting operations.

In order to meet anticipated increased demand in April, the government concentrated on delivering big volumes in the first quarter.

First-mile connection describes the movement of coal from mine pitheads to dispatch terminals without the need of roads. It consists of railway sidings close to coal mines as well as a mechanised coal transportation and loading system that sizes and crushes coal while offering quick computer-assisted loading.

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