Mysore compound wall built using construction debris

01 Jan 2022

Founder, Regional Low Energy Environment Friendly (RLEEF), Rajesh Kumar Jain has built the compound wall of the SWM unit of MCC with the help of construction debris. The MCC is located near Jodi Tengina Mara, Bannimantap.

The Mysuru city corporation leads the way in addressing the challenges that come along with the construction debris management after the city had been dropped to a lower position (12) in the recent Swachh Survekshan Survey.

The Mysuru City Corporation is successful in building a compound wall with the help of construction debris at the unit of solid waste management set up in the burial ground located near Jodi Tengina Mara, Bannimantap Highway Circle.

Approximately 50% of the construction and demolition waste was reused by the civic bodies for the construction of the compound wall. The existing compound wall had been constructed many years ago and was in a bad condition. Therefore, the corporation authorities approached the Public Works Department (PWD) for providing an approximate cost for the compound wall construction. Upon the request, an estimated cost of Rs 4 lakh was made by the PWD authorities.

Meanwhile, the founder of Regional Low Energy Environment Friendly (RLEEF) Rajesh Kumar Jain was approached by the MCC environmental engineer, Sridevi. The RLEEF had already built structures utilizing construction debris for a sustainable as well as zero waste wall. And he agreed.

The wall is 100 feet long and 10 feet tall that was built by the 10 loads of construction debris given by the MCC. The wall has been constructed at a minimum cost of Rs 2 lakh.

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